Does your organization, club, or church need to raise some money?

Enjoy the best Fro-Yo while you raise money for your organization. No car washing, door to door selling or candy sales! Have your organization’s fundraiser at Swirl Bliss. It's that easy!!

Just fill out the online application under the events section at Please include the cause or organization you represent and your contact information. Swirl Bliss will create your flyer  and email it to you. You must do the footwork by giving out the flyers. Hand them out at work, at school, to family and friends, the more you promote the more your organization benefits.

At the end of the fundraising day, 20% of the days' sales will be set aside for your organization! You will receive your 20% in a form of a check the following day. 

Looking forward to fundraising for a cause!!

 Fill in the online app